Frequently Asked Questions

Bepanthen™ Baby Ointment

    Apply after every cleansing to moisturize your baby’s sensitive skin. Habitual use protects and cares for your baby’s delicate skin and moisturizes areas prone to chafing.

    What does Bepanthen Baby Ointment contain?

    Bepanthen Baby Ointment, an oil-rich ointment base formulation suitable for baby’s sensitive skin as it offers protection against dampness. It contains Dexpanthenol which is converted to pantothenic acid in skin cells. Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 plays a part in both the formation and regeneration of baby's skin.

    Bepanthen Baby Ointment works to moisturize, protect and care for baby’s delicate skin. It helps moisturize sensitive skin prone to dryness and chafing. It also protects the skin as it builds strong yet breathable layer that helps protect baby’s delicate skin.

    Bepanthen Baby Ointment is a gentle product that is free from colorants, fragrances and preservatives. It is suitable for use even by infants and nursing mothers. Consult your healthcare professional before use.

    Apply the ointment once every after cleansing to moisturize, care, and protect your baby's sensitive skin.

    Bepanthen™ Baby Ointment may also be used for other areas prone to chafing (i.e. nipple area for lactating mothers and folds of the skin prone to rubbing). Apply the ointment to the nipple to moisturize and protect the skin after feeding is done (cleanse the area prior to next feeding the infant; use a moistened cotton ball; no need to wash or rub the area).

    The Bepanthen™ Baby Ointment is a gentle product that is free from preservatives, colorants, and fragrances. It can be used as often as necessary or desired.

    The baby ointment can be used/applied to the external genitalia to protect the skin.

    Bepanthen Baby Ointment can be used on or applied to dry and sensitive skin caused by friction or excessive moisture. For breastfeeding, it helps keep nipples soft and smooth, however remove residues before breastfeeding.

    As Bepanthen Ointment is a gentle product that is free from preservatives, colorants, fragrance and preservatives, it can be applied on the face. If symptoms persist after 2-3 days of application, consult your doctor immediately.

    The recommendation is to only apply a thin layer if it is on the face or close to the mouth. It would be best to apply when the baby is sleeping. Make sure that the ointment is thoroughly wiped from the nipple before breastfeeding and have the baby wear mittens or gloves to avoid accidental ingestion.

    The product is in the form of an ointment. It is thicker than a cream formulation and therefore can form a protective physical barrier on the surface of the skin. This is vital to maintain longer protection on the skin as it acts to shield the skin from irritants, excessive moisture and abrasion.

    There is no need to apply powder after application of Bepanthen Baby Ointment.

    Bepanthen Baby Ointment does not contain components that are intolerable by those with G6PD deficiency. However, speak to your health care professional should you have any concerns.

    Bepanthen Baby Ointment has a yellow color and is thick in consistency. The texture may be thinner than usual as it approaches its expiration date. You may keep using the product up to the expiration date specified on the box or tube.

    Bepanthen Baby Ointment is for general skin application. It is not recommended for use on the soft tissue areas such as mucosal surfaces (inside of the mouth) or sensitive areas such as the lips or around the eyes.

    There are no studies directly observing the use of Bepanthen Baby Ointment in the elderly. However, the use of barrier ointments to prevent skin damage in adults who are at high risk of developing moisture lesion or incontinence associated irritation is recommended.1

    1. The Prevention and Management of Pressure Ulcers in Primary and Secondary Care. National Clinical Guideline (UK)

    Bepanthen products can be found in all major supermarkets, pharmacies and specialty stores across the country and on e-commerce.

    The suggested retail price of Bepanthen Baby Ointment (10g) is Php 131.25 and (30g) 266.75.